Sendence's mission

To radically simplify the creation, operation and scale-out of any real-time application that needs industrial-grade data processing

Auto-scaling Resilient state Exactly-once Distributed processing
Optimized for Python, C++, Golang, with more soon
100x faster at the cost vs. alternatives

Example Applications

Financial Services

Trade Positions & Limits
Real-time Risk
Trading Simulations

Cloud-based Analytics

Infrastructure Monitoring & Alerts
Industrial Manufacturing
Fleet Tracking

Predictive Analytics

NLP and Sentiment analysis
Customer Engagement
Outpatient Monitoring

Data Consolidation + Supervision

Central Risk and Trade Warehouse
Communications Compliance and Archiving
Enterprise Knowledge bases  

Cyber Security

Intrusion Detection
DOS Attacks
Risk Profiling  


Ad Exchanges
Real-time Bidding
Fraud Detection