Introducing Wallaroo

A platform for building and running real-time applications that process large volumes of data while being agnostic to infrastructure and scale

Wallaroo Benefits

Fast time-to-market with built-in autoscaling, resilient state, and exactly-once processing.

For Data Scientists, Analytics and Algorithmic Developers.

Python, C++, and Golang support with more soon.

Facilitates rapid iteration and testing

Extreme scalability without changing your code

For Data Engineers, Architects, and Providers of Data Infrastructure.

Accurate (exactly-once) processing

High-throughput, sub-millisecond latency

Very low cost

What People Are Saying

“Your organization is special, and all of your energy should be spent on the software that your customers love you for. Wallaroo can solve scale and infrastructure problems in your core applications so you can focus on your core value.”

Luke Kanies, Founder of Puppet Labs

“There are a lot of real-time data processing frameworks, but Wallaroo is the only one with the necessary combination of integrated state management, autoscaling and very high-performance. It's a game-changer for deploying real-time applications.”

Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO Datadog

"Anyone building real-time applications needs to take a close look at Wallaroo. It will accelerate development and take away complexity. The fact that you don’t need to worry about managing distributed state or inter-process communication means you get the job done right and fast."

Dan Petrozzo, ex-CIO of Morgan Stanley and Senior Executive at Goldman Sachs

"Wallaroo provides powerful APIs that make building low-latency, high-throughput applications easy and gratifying. No other platform combines stream-processing with in-memory state management, seamless scaling, and high-performance support for Python, C++, Golang, and Ponylang development."

Sylvan Clebsch, Designer of the Pony Programming Language

Example Applications

Financial Services

Trade Positions & Limits
Real-time Risk
Trading Simulations

Cloud-based Analytics

Infrastructure Monitoring & Alerts
Industrial Manufacturing
Fleet Tracking

Predictive Analytics

NLP and Sentiment analysis
Customer Engagement
Outpatient Monitoring

Data Consolidation + Supervision

Central Risk and Trade Warehouse
Communications Compliance and Archiving
Enterprise Knowledge bases  

Cyber Security

Intrusion Detection
DOS Attacks
Risk Profiling  


Ad Exchanges
Real-time Bidding
Fraud Detection