We're looking for smart developers
and technologists to join our team!

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What is Sendence:

  • We're young and nimble, but we solve problems of very massive scale
  • You'll work with and learn from great engineers and be continually challenged to improve your skills and learn new things
  • We work with a wide range of modern technologies and everything we do is done with large scale, high performance, and ease of management/operations
  • We have high expectations, but at the same time we value our people - including their personal and professional satisfaction
  • Entrepreneurship is highly encouraged. All employees have equal opportunity to grow into an expanded or leadership role

What we look for in employees:

  • Smart, Curious and Hungry
  • Proactive: doesn't wait on anyone or anything
  • Fearless: Not afraid to challenge an orthodoxy or an approach, but not pompous and listens to counter arguments; also not afraid to get hands dirty with new technology
  • Continuously-improving: always learning new things & improving quality 
  • Organized & can execute: knows how to get stuff done, is efficient about it, and is realistic about what it takes
  • Thinks eco-system: takes into account how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, how their contribution impacts the product, scaling, etc.
  • Passionate
  • Professional
  • Good communicator: explain ideas well, keep teammates informed

See open positions